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Sports In Schools!

We are a London based Sports in Schools Company providing fun and enjoyable sports coaching and sporting activities to children aged 5-11 years within local primary schools. Our classes are delivered by a friendly and dedicated team of professional sports coaches.

We already deliver well-established services within many local schools across London and our success since the outset is testament to the quality of the services we provide. We pride ourselves on the mission to enhance the lives of children through taking part in sports-based activities both in school and during the half-term holiday club sessions.

Keeping Active

By actively participating in sports and fun physical activities, children are more able to engage with other aspects of their education. Being physically active on a regular basis can help to increase academic performance as well as boost general health and improve school attendance.

The sessions help youngsters to develop not only their physical fitness but teach them important social skills. They encourage children to work together as a team, teach them how to respect and interact with both their peers and elders. The aim is to invigorate the children so they are alert, more willing to listen and learn.

Benefiting Kids

With regular sessions of healthy exercises outside of the classroom, many children reduce the risk of suffering from obesity, anxiety, depression, and stress. Children need to move their bodies and participate in regular athletic activities. With a much needed break from the classroom they return to their studies re-energised and ready to learn.

  • Developing and sustaining good leadership skills
  • Curbing the rise in childhood obesity and diabetes
  • Reduced bullying
  • Social inclusion
  • Fostering an interest in sports in the community
  • Leads to better academic performance
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Positive sportsmanship
These are just some of the many positive benefits for children participating in sports-based activities!

Getting Started

There are so many more subtle positives that our classes can help to draw out.

Our highly experienced coaching team can use targeted intervention to help boost the skills of gifted and talented children as well as encourage more inactive children to take part and try out new experiences.