Motivational Speaking

I work with many schools giving motivational talks. It is a sad fact that many children never realise their full potential quite often simply because they lack confidence and self-belief. I receive great satisfaction knowing that over the years I have inspired and helped many youngsters to go on and achieve, to realise their dreams. I am passionate about what I do; this comes across when I speak, engaging the children's full attention.

In today’s modern society with all the challenges it presents it is often easy for children to get distracted, to veer off the path. Technology has taken over, a virtual world where children often struggle in ‘real life’ and day to day issues. Many find it difficult to interact with their peers and do not speak out about their fears. However, all they need is a little direction, to believe in themselves and to understand that they can achieve. This is where I come in! I assist them, so that they have the confidence to make the right life choices and help them understand that no matter what their dreams are they can realise their goals.

It is in the early years of children’s development that their path is set for the future. My thought provoking talks help the children to understand that they are the master of their own destiny. I encourage self confidence and a positive attitude, which is so vital in these early years when children are growing.

Listen & improve

Help them realise their own self-worth, to believe that they can achieve

Instruct them on how to stay focused regardless of the distractions around

Educate them on how to make the right decisions and choices

Instil confidence so that they can and will go on to do great things

Give them the confidence to overcome obstacles

Teach them respect, how to interact with both their peers and elders

Communicate to them that if they work hard they then will reap the benefits

Convey to them how to choose the right friends and how to be assertive with those that may be holding them back